A Wife Led Relationship Is Tamer Than You May Think

Published: 30th March 2011
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A wife-led relationship may not be exactly what you could be imagining from the get go. The thought is much tamer than first impressions lead you to believe. There are plenty of couples that think it makes lots of sense.

When the idea of a wife-led relationship arises, the first image that pops into the head of most guys is that of some poor coward getting beat silly by a big old amazon.

That's not fundamentally the way it works in reality. The concept is a lot tamer than first impressions direct you to suppose. There are a good deal of couples that surmise it makes a lot of sense.

It is truly up to you and your spouse to settle on just how far to go.

How Does This Wife-Led Notion Work?

For the most part we envision the traditional relationship as being equally divided in terms of decision making and responsibility. But frequently, the guy is the bread winner and decision maker.

This could be a massive responsibility for some men. Sporadically, holding down a job, paying the bills on time and doing the yard work, among other things, can make a guy a little nuts.

If this is the dilemma in your relationship, have you ever wondered about a wife-led relationship?

Perchance you just need her to take over the check book to take some weight off of your shoulders. Now keep in mind that you are delivering her absolute control of paying the bills and sticking to a budget.

She may quite possibly not dig you chucking all that burden over onto her. So there should be a trade off. You agree to do some of the things that she doesn't like to do.

This trade off may take a spell to form. There is bound to be some things that either one of you want to do. Merely take it easy and carry on slowly and before you know it, the two of you will reach that common ground you both were looking for.

When you balance it out, both of your accountablities get easier to manipulate.

What If She Downright Takes Over?

Have you ever wondered about a wife-led relationship with your wife in total control? This a big deal with some males. They become absolutely obliging to their wife's every whim.

From completing the house work to wearing whatever she directs him to. When in a true wife-led relationship, the fellow knows that she has absolute command over him and he likes it that way.

Though he will never get a thank you, she may give him a small "that a boy".

She also controls the bedroom sanctioning him only as much pleasure as she sees fit. And once again, he likes it that way.

Will She Agree To It?

It goes without saying that a wife-led relationship is not for everyone. But truth be known, there are a lot of fellows that are joyful when their wife has total control.

Nonetheless, not all ladies would like to have all that power and responsibility. A lot of women are pulled to a man who can take control in the relationship and mind every detail.

If you have ever wondered about a wife-led relationship, you might very well want to present the strategy to your wife in very small doses.

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